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Sunday, October 13, 2019

Remco American Civil war cannon commercial from 60s.

Remco American Civil war cannon (“Johnny Reb Cannon”) commercial from 60s. This is a really cool commercial from 60s.

Please use the link below to watch the video.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Visiting the Irish Military War Museum with Elastolin soldiers ...

Visiting the Irish Military War Museum (Starinagh, Collon Co.Meath) with Elastolin soldiers ... The museum left a very positive impression. Really recommend visiting..More photos are to follow...

Monday, August 12, 2019

Märklin color catalog - Germany (1937)

Gebr. Märklin & Cie. GmbH or Märklin (MÄRKLIN or MAERKLIN in capital letters) is a German toy company. The company was founded in 1859 and is based at Göppingen in Baden-Württemberg. Although it originally specialised in doll house accessories, today it is best known for model railways, military and technical toys. In some parts of Germany and in Sweden, the company's name is almost synonymous with model railways.

Please use the link below to download the pdf version of the catalog (78 pdf color pages ):

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Model 12-pdr QF Gun (1902) at Cornet Castle (Guernsey)

At the turn of the Twentieth Century the Royal Navy was still Britain's first line of defence, even for the Channel Islands. However, a perceived threat was attacks on harbors by fast Motor Torpedo Boats.St. Peter Por, like others, was defended from this threat by the installation of 12-pounder Quick Firing guns. In 1902 two of these weapons were installed on the citadel of Castle Carnet along with two supporting Defence Electric Light (searchlight) positions.
Quick Firing guns used their recoil to return them automatically to their firing position, this saving much time in re-aiming. On the 12-Pounder QF, powerful coil springs and hydraulics were used to effect this process. Since the gun could now be fixed, gunners were able to stay in close and be sheltered by a steel shield.(Scale 1:15).

Monday, June 24, 2019

Visiting the Battery Moltke at Jersey

Battery Moltke is an uncompleted World War II former coastal artillery battery in St Ouen in the north west of Jersey. It was constructed by Organisation Todt for the Wehrmacht during the Occupation of the Channel Islands. The battery structures include bunkers, gun emplacements and the Marine Peilstand 3 tower, which are located on Les Landes, a coastal heathland area at the north end of St Ouen's Bay. Four captured French Canon de 155mm GPF, known as the 15.5 cm K 418(f) by the Germans, were located at Moltke. One of the original guns can be seen there today. These guns could be fully rotated to fire in any direction. They had a maximum range of around 19,500 m. The primary purpose of this battery would have been the defence of St Ouen's Bay in the event of an amphibious assault by the Allies, although Jersey's entire coastline would have been within range of the guns, as would the stretch of water between Jersey and Sark. The photographed toy soldiers are made by Classic Toy Soldiers (CTS) and TSSD.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

The Hessmobil artillery tractor and the 1st of May - International Workers' Day !

1st of May - International Workers' Day !

This artillery tractor was produced by German Company Hess as the Hessmobil tractor in 30s and it was converted by Elstolin for military needs. The tractor has an inertia driven flywheel friction motor.
The Red Army soldiers are produced by Durso and Nazaire Beeusaert in 30s/40s.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Siege of Breslau (13 February 1945 - 6 May 1945)

The Siege of Breslau, also known as the Battle of Breslau, was a three-month-long siege of the city of Breslau in Lower Silesia, Germany (now Wrocław, Poland), lasting to the end of World War II in Europe. From 13 February 1945 to 6 May 1945, German troops in Breslau were besieged by the Soviet forces which encircled the city as part of the Lower Silesian Offensive Operation. The German garrison's surrender on 6 May was followed by the surrender of all German forces two days after the battle.
These Wehrmacht soldiers were made by Elastolin in 70s and the 7.5 cm leichtes InfanteriegeschĂĽtz 18 cannon was produced by Elastolin/Hausser in 30s. The street terrain is made by TTCombat.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

The Colmar Pocket : November 1944 - February 1945 (Part 2)

More pictures from the last weekend. I was inspired by "Fury" movie thay was broadcasted on our local TV The Willys Jeep and the M4 Sherman tank are produced by New Ray. The US soldiers are from BMC and the Germans are from Toy Soldiers of San Diego (TSSD). The German Panzerabwehrkanone (PaK) was made by Hausser in 30s.