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Toy soldiers and real battles: Singapore -Fort Canning / Battlebox / Museum and Fort Siloso(August 2003)

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Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Singapore -Fort Canning / Battlebox / Museum and Fort Siloso(August 2003)

The Battle Box is the popular name of the Fort Canning Bunker, formerly known as Headquarters Malaya Command Operations Bunker, constructed under Fort Canning Hill, Singapore, as an emergency, bomb-proof command centre during the Malayan Campaign and the Battle of Singapore. The British made the momentous decision to surrender Singapore to the Japanese on 15 February 1942 in the Battlebox, an underground command centre in Fort Canning Hill, Singapore.
Fort Siloso is the sole restored coastal gun battery from the 12 such batteries which made up "Fortress Singapore" at the start of World War II. The fort is situated on Pulau Blakang Mati (now Sentosa), an island south of mainland Singapore. The fort is now a military museum open to the public.

Fort Siloso

                                                                        Fort Siloso: 7-Inch RML Guns
                                                                         Fort Siloso
                                                                       Fort Siloso
                                                                      Fort Siloso

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