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Toy soldiers and real battles: Wehrschach Tak-Tik boardgame

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Sunday, February 21, 2021

Wehrschach Tak-Tik boardgame

Tak-Tik Wehrschach was a German board game inspired by the game of chess. The aim of the game, which was primarily aimed at Wehrmacht soldiers, was to promote military-strategic thinking. Unlike chess, Tak-Tik Wehr-Schach has 121 squares and 18 Bakelite pieces on each side. The pieces have militant names representative of the game’s era of origin: Infanterie, Hauptfigur, Panzerkampfwagen, Artillerie (flak), Flieger: Jagdflieger and Kampfflieger. In English, they refer to infantry, protagonist, tank, anti-aircraft artillery, and flyers: fighter pilot and combat pilot. Some of the pieces fit the literal translations, while others, such as the Hauptfigur and Jagdflieger, have been represented more symbolically: as a large predatory bird and a winged human, respectively. These piecese can move only vertical or horizontal, but a different number of squares, with the exception of the "Panzerkampfwagen", which might also move like the knight in chess, but without jumping over other pieces. To capture an enemy piece you need to threaten it with two of your pieces instead of just one.
The board is divided through diagonal lines (the main road and the river) and two more lines crossing the 3rd and 9th row indicating walls and two lake tiles which block all movement except for the planes. The game has several ways to win (e.g. capture of the Hauptfigur; destruction of all enemy Infantry; reduction of his fighting power; occupation of his homeland; etc. This, coupled with the two-to-one capture rules makes it even more challenging than Chess. Two editions of the game were published before the war (1937/1938), and a war edition followed in 1941. 

Tak-Tik Wehrschach

 The Android version is available at Google Play here:

Source (Spiegel and Google Arts & Culture)

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