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Toy soldiers and real battles: Attack of the German lancers (WW1)

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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Attack of the German lancers (WW1)

Prior to the outbreak of World War I, there had been controversy as to whether lances were the more effective "armes blanches" (that is edged weapons) for cavalry, but neither proved a match for modern firearms. Some armies continued to use lances throughout this war, but they seldom saw use on the Western Front after initial clashes in France and Belgium in 1914. On the Eastern Front, mounted cavalry still had a role and lances saw limited use by the German and Austrian armies. These German Lancers are made by Lineol (the Museu Militar do Porto). You can also see the mounted figure of the Generalfeldmarschal Paul von Hindenburg.

The Generalfeldmarschal Paul von Hindenburg leads the attack

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