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Sunday, February 3, 2019

The Colmar Pocket : November 1944 - February 1945

The Colmar Pocket (French: Poche de Colmar; German: Brückenkopf Elsass) was the area held in central Alsace, France, by the German Nineteenth Army from November 1944 to February 1945, against the U.S. 6th Army Group (6th AG) during World War II. It was formed when 6th AG liberated southern and northern Alsace and adjacent eastern Lorraine, but could not clear central Alsace. During Operation Nordwind in December 1944, the 19th Army attacked north out of the Pocket in support of other German forces attacking south from the Saar into northern Alsace. In late January and early February 1945, the French First Army (reinforced by the U.S. XXI Corps) cleared the Pocket of German forces.
The Willys Jeep and the M4 Sherman tank are produced by New Ray. The US soldiers are from BMC and the Germans are from Toy Soldiers of San Diego (TSSD). The German Panzerabwehrkanone (PaK) was made by Hausser in 30s.

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