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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Toy GAMA No. 60 tank burnt out on Webergasse street in Dresden on 13 February 1945

This GAMA No.60 tank was found by archaeologists during excavations in the Dresden old town; nothing is known about its owner's fate. Webergasse was the street that connected Altmarkt with Antonsplatz. The street was heavily damaged after the British/American aerial bombing attack on 13th of February 1945. Mechanical GAMA (Georg Adam Mangold GAMA) tanks produced in Fuerth near Nuremberg, which sent out showers of sparks, were among the most popular toys in Germany. The tank is presented at the Bundeswehr Military History Museum exposition (Dresden, Germany).  

The undamaged GAMA No. 60 from my collection. 

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