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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Roskopf Miniaturmodelle

The German company Roskopf Miniaturmodelle founded in Berlin in 1955 by Mr. Marcel Roskopf started with the production of horse-drawn carriages on HO scale ,later produced by Preiser, and distribution. Due to the growth of the company, Roskopf moved in 1958 from Berlin to Traunreut. Of the 1: 100 Roskopf miniature models, there was a large selection of Bundeswehr, Russian and Wehrmacht vehicles and tanks, as well as soldiers figures. But also exotics like the BARC Land Vehicle, a gigantic, buoyant wheeled vehicle with a ramp. It was intended for receiving vehicles and tanks in amphibious land operations and was also used in the Bundeswehr. From Roskopf there were also rocket, helicopter and aircraft kits in the scale 1: 100. Unfortunately, the 1: 100 military RMM Roskopf miniature models taken out of production around 1990 at the latest. Probably already from about 1986 (last official RMM 1: 100 catalog was 1985) until 1990 only remnants of the military RMM Roskopf miniature models were sold. Novelties like the 1: 100 Roland air defense system on 8x8 MAN chassis (later produced by Roco in 1:87), the 1: 100 6x6 rocket launcher LARS2 MAN 7 tonner (later produced by Roco in 1:87), or a 1: 100T -72 tank have never, or only in small numbers in series been produced. As of 1982, a new range of civilian contemporary French, Swiss and German 1:87 truck models appeared alternatively. Soon after, a series of 1:87 truck models from the 1920s and 30s appeared. In 1994, the company was sold to the Sieper-Werke (Siku), which had already bought Wiking. Roskopf was incorporated at Wiking. Wiking also produced a now very rare UN series with white 1: 100 Roskopf Bundeswehr MAN trucks and the transport tank Fuchs (1: 100). Mr. Roskopf died on June 21, 2002.

Please use the link below to download the  Roskopf models catalog (58 pages pdf)  created by Helmut Hillebrand:

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