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Saturday, December 14, 2019

WW2 German Lineol-made Flak 36 battery in firing position

The German WW2 heavy Flak 8.8 cm gun batteries consisted of four guns arranged in a quadrilateral with a main fire control centre some 100m away. An auxiliary command centre was positioned centrally between the four guns. The battery was usually protected against low level attacks by two or three troops of light 20mm Flak 30. When the flak batteries pinpointed an aircraft the guns were fired in salvoes designed to burst in a sphere about 50m in diameter. Each gun could fire a shell to 20,000ft and could knock out an aircraft within 25m of a shell burst. Shrapnel could still inflict severe damage on an aircraft at up to 200m from the burst. This Flak 8.8 cm gun, the projector, the stereoscopic rangefinders (Entfernungsmesser) and the majority of the Flak crew soldiers were produced by Lineol in 30s. You can also see some Flak and Wehrmacht soldiers produced by Elastolin, Schusso and Durso.

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