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Saturday, March 14, 2020

Toy trenches from Eduard Wilhelm Matthes (Berlin, Germany)

I recently found these nice toy trenches produced by Eduard Wilhelm Matthes (Berlin, Germany).
The Eduard Wilhelm Matthes company produced dolls and toys from 1853 till 1928. These trenches were made in 20s after the World War I. I was really surprised by its quality and its level of detail.It seems that these trenches were made specifically compatible with composite soldiers produced by Elastolin and Lineol - famous toy soldier makers of that time.


  1. What a great find, this trench is much more detailed than the ones made by Elastolin.

  2. It seems that more early trenches were more detailed than the Elastolin ones. This one was found in Switzerland and marked as E.S.Matthes Spielzeug. I really like it.