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Toy soldiers and real battles: Unknown makers of composition soldiers:FRÖHA

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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Unknown makers of composition soldiers:FRÖHA

The Hans Frömter's company - FRÖHA from Hilpoltstein can be shown almost exemplary for all others what factors had an impact on the  "mass figures". production As with almost all other companies, the start of production of mass figures - "mass soldiers"was in the 30s (1935). The year 1943 is generally considered the year in which it was came to a definitive turning point in the course of the war (including Stalingrad); it is but also the year in which the National Socialists banned toys production. After the collapse in 1945, soldiers were no longer in demand as mass figures. FRÖHA (Frömter's company name) changed on seven-centimeter tall nativity and animal figures as well as cowboy and Indian figures. When the Bundeswehr was founded in 1955, the company relied on the production of Bundeswehr mass soldiers and experienced a total flop. Soldiers as mass figures were not yet in demand! As 1963 - mainly from Far Eastern Asia - plastic figures, also soldiers, on a large scale flooded the market, the production of mass figures was finally stopped.

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