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Monday, January 3, 2022

The Peace Tree at St. Anne’s Park (Raheny Dublin, Ireland)

The Peace Tree, also known by the locals as The Tree Of Life, is an impressive sculpture located in Raheny that reflects the fauna of the area. In its 10 meters there are all kinds of animals carved in that are part of the wildlife of St. Anne’s Park (where the tree sits) and Bull Island located in the vicinity of the sculpture and parallel to the shore in front of Raheny. The sculpture is carved out of a 200-years-old Monterey cypress that was a landmark of the city but was unfortunately dying. The award-winning UK sculptor Tommy Craggs, author of this sculpture, transformed the ailing tree into the work of art that it is today. Despite appearing as though they were created with a chisel, the detailed animals were crafted with a chainsaw. Work on the tree began in 2015, but it was completed three years later in 2018. Upon completion, the tree was finished with oil.

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