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Toy soldiers and real battles: French Spahi Cavalry from Domage et Cie

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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

French Spahi Cavalry from Domage et Cie

The Spahi were a form of light Cavalry raised during the French Colonization of Central and Northern Africa in the mid-19th century. Recruited from local indigenous populations, they were originally required to provide their own horses. As such the majority of Spahi came from the upper class of tribesmen. Their name “Spahi” was derived from the Ottoman term for “army horsemen”. Spahi Regiments were commanded by French Officers, with the majority of Non-Commissioned Officers taken from the native born soldiers. Spahi were operational in Algeria and Morocco . They were deployed to several other major French military operations in both the Crimea and Vietnam in the 1850s and 1880s. The Spahi were noted for their flamboyant uniforms, based in part on the French Zouave style. The loose fitting uniforms were seen as practical, due to the intense weather variants of the desert (hot and cold). They were also known for their adaption of the Burnous Cloak. The Spahi also used the traditional French red and light Blue colors of the Cavalry. These plaster Spahi figurines were produced by DC Domage et Cie (France) in 30s/40s.

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