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Tuesday, October 25, 2022

WW1/WW2 German reporting dogs 🐕 🐕🐕

In Germany in the 20th century, a dog that delivered military messages was called a reporting dog (Meldehund). Reporting dogs were service dogs. It was the task of the reporting dog in the First and Second World Wars to maintain the connection between two posts. The reporting dog brought the military news in a capsule, the so-called reporting capsule, which was fastened to its neck. Messenger dogs also transported carrier pigeons in harnesses specially made for this purpose. Messenger dogs were used to deliver messages because they were a smaller and more mobile target than messengers or vehicles. Nevertheless, they too were shot at and killed. More than 30,000 war dogs during World War I were used as messenger dogs.In many cases they were also recruited by private individuals. 
Reichswehr Hundefuhrer med Meldehund n592 produced by Elastolin (Germany) in early 30s.


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