This site is created for collectors of mainly composition vintage toy soldiers produced by great toy makers of the past: Elastolin, Hausser, Lineol, Durso, Kienel, Starlux, Leyla, Schusso, Armee, Trico, Duro, Durolin, NB, Triumph, GJ and many others.

Toy soldiers and real battles: Hungarian composition soldiers

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Saturday, December 10, 2022

Hungarian composition soldiers

The Hungarian People's Army (Magyar NΓ©phadsereg) or the HPA was the military of the Hungarian People's Republic and the armed branch of the Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party from 1951 to 1990.It maintained close ties to the Warsaw Pact along with other Eastern Bloc countries. These Hungarian composition soldiers (7.5 cm)  were produced in 50s. They may also represent the USSR army of that period. So there are still debates among collectors..

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