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Thursday, May 18, 2023

NVA soldiers from VEB Lineol-Plastik Dresden (DDR)

The Lineol company was founded in 1904 by Oskar Wiederholz in Brandenburg, and in 1907 it was registered in the commercial register as "Toy factory Wiederholz, Fohrderstraße 10, Brandenburg". In 1914 the company grew from originally 2 to 150 employees. In 1923 the company was incorporated into the "Lineol-Aktien-Gesellschaft Brandenburg/Havel". After the war, in 1948 the Lineol company was expropriated and merged with the also expropriated company Ernst Paul Lehmann getting its new name "VEB Lineol-Patent Brandenburg". In 1956 the company moved to Dresden and produced NVA army composition soldiers under the name "VEB Lineol-Plastik Dresden". The Dresden production of composition soldiers ended in 1960.Then Haufe company from Kamenz took over the Lineol brand and its production equipment and continued to produce Lineol figures until 1962/63.

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