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Toy soldiers and real battles: Visiting the Battery Moltke at Jersey

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Monday, June 24, 2019

Visiting the Battery Moltke at Jersey

Battery Moltke is an uncompleted World War II former coastal artillery battery in St Ouen in the north west of Jersey. It was constructed by Organisation Todt for the Wehrmacht during the Occupation of the Channel Islands. The battery structures include bunkers, gun emplacements and the Marine Peilstand 3 tower, which are located on Les Landes, a coastal heathland area at the north end of St Ouen's Bay. Four captured French Canon de 155mm GPF, known as the 15.5 cm K 418(f) by the Germans, were located at Moltke. One of the original guns can be seen there today. These guns could be fully rotated to fire in any direction. They had a maximum range of around 19,500 m. The primary purpose of this battery would have been the defence of St Ouen's Bay in the event of an amphibious assault by the Allies, although Jersey's entire coastline would have been within range of the guns, as would the stretch of water between Jersey and Sark. The photographed toy soldiers are made by Classic Toy Soldiers (CTS) and TSSD.

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