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Toy soldiers and real battles: Crusaders at Cornet Castle in Guernsey

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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Crusaders at Cornet Castle in Guernsey

Crusaders at Cornet Castle in Guernsey.  Formerly a tidal island, like Lihou on the west coast of Guernsey, it was first fortified as a castle between 1206 and 1256, following the division of the Duchy of Normandy in 1204.The wardenship of Geoffrey de Lucy (1225-6) has been identified as a time of fortification in the Channel Islands: timber and lead was sent from England for castle building in Guernsey and Jersey.At that time the structure consisted of a keep, a chapel, two courtyards and curtain walls.In 1338, when a French force captured the island,They besieged Cornet, capturing it on 8 September; the French then massacred the garrison of eleven men at arms and 50 archers.The island was retaken in 1340 and the castle was recaptured in August 1345 after a three-day attack by professional soldiers and the local militia.The French had spent their seven-year occupation improving the defences, including probably the barbican.In 1358 the French returned and again captured the castle, but they were evicted the following year and an island traitor was executed. 
These toy knights produced by Biplant.

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