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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Model 12-pdr QF Gun (1902) at Cornet Castle (Guernsey)

At the turn of the Twentieth Century the Royal Navy was still Britain's first line of defence, even for the Channel Islands. However, a perceived threat was attacks on harbors by fast Motor Torpedo Boats.St. Peter Por, like others, was defended from this threat by the installation of 12-pounder Quick Firing guns. In 1902 two of these weapons were installed on the citadel of Castle Carnet along with two supporting Defence Electric Light (searchlight) positions.
Quick Firing guns used their recoil to return them automatically to their firing position, this saving much time in re-aiming. On the 12-Pounder QF, powerful coil springs and hydraulics were used to effect this process. Since the gun could now be fixed, gunners were able to stay in close and be sheltered by a steel shield.(Scale 1:15).

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