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Toy soldiers and real battles: Lineol Wehrmacht standing musicians

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Saturday, June 20, 2020

Lineol Wehrmacht standing musicians

The Lineol standing musicians of the Wehrmacht are among the relatively valuable figures. The price can be 10 times as high as that of the corresponding figure from the marching music. On the one hand, this is certainly due to the fact that the figures were only included in the Lineol production program from 1936 on, but on the other hand, they apparently did not enjoy such great popularity among customers.
At these photos you can see three musicians in the center (n2,n3,n4 from right), which are painted in non-Wehrmacht colors. I assume that these soldiers are representing the Irish Army of 30s.


  1. Hi, my father was in the Irish army in the 1930's, they had a brown uniform with black helmet, the helmet looked like a German stahlhelm but it was actually manufactured in England by Vickers.

  2. Hi Brian. Hope you are well. I know about the Irish Stahlhelms produced by Vickers in England. There always have been a dispute about whether Lineol Irish figures have existed or not.

  3. one example of this Lineol painting that supposed to represent the Irish army.