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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Unknown makers of composition soldiers: Papelin

Roth was considered the most industrialized small town in Bavaria. There were around seven companies manufacturing composition soldiers (Massefiguren) in Roth and the surrounding area. These firms started production of composition soldiers from the early 20th century until the early 1960s. The oldest factory was founded in 1910, the youngest in 1935. The history of these companies shows striking similarities in terms of their business history, product range and political influences. The Papelin company, founded in 1932, belonged to the brothers Adam and Friedrich. Only composition soldiers were manufactured by this company, as well as other accessories for war toys from other manufacturers. The company used the mass prepared according to the conventional recipe used in the Roth area. The deburring of the pellets with soldiers were also done at home. Both brothers died during the war, Friedrich in 1941 and Adam in 1944. The company had to go out of business after the German economy was put on a "total war" footing in 1943.

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