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Friday, July 29, 2022

Belgian soldiers are testing RL-83 Blindicide antitank rocket launcher

The RL-83 Blindicide is an antitank rocket launcher that was produced by Mecar SA of Belgium from 1953 until 1968 and was an improved derivative of the American M20A1 Bazooka. It had an effective range of 400 metres and its 83mm warhead could penetrate 2 inches of rolled armour plate at 90 degrees. Its name roughly means "tank killer", derived from the French "véhicule blindé" (armoured car) and the suffix -cide. In 50s, Durso (Belgium) produced composition Belgian army soldiers armored with the RL-83 Blindicide. It is interesting to notice that Durso initially produced postwar Belgian army soldiers equiiped by British "Brodie" helmets but later changed them to the U.S. M1 type.

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