This site is created for collectors of mainly composition vintage toy soldiers produced by great toy makers of the past: Elastolin, Hausser, Lineol, Durso, Kienel, Starlux, Leyla, Schusso, Armee, Trico, Duro, Durolin, NB, Triumph, GJ and many others.

Toy soldiers and real battles: Hausser/Elastolin Krupp Protze Kfz.70

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Saturday, July 2, 2022

Hausser/Elastolin Krupp Protze Kfz.70

The Krupp Protze Kfz.70  was a six-wheeled 6x4 German truck and artillery tractor produced between 1934 and 1941 and heavily used in World War II. It was powered by a 4-cylinder, 55 hp or, from 1936, 60 hp Krupp M 304 petrol engine. Its main purpose was to tow artillery, especially the 3.7 cm Pak 36 anti-tank gun and transport motorized infantry. Hausser/Elastolin produced 1/24 wind up tinplate model of the Krupp Protze with electric lights and a 6-man crew of composition soldiers! This model painted in Feldgrau with a fabric tent was produced in the late 30s.

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