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Toy soldiers and real battles: Es ist Mittagessenszeit ! (Lunchtime!)

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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Es ist Mittagessenszeit ! (Lunchtime!)

Karl Rudolf Fissler of Idar-Oberstein invented a mobile field kitchen (Feldküche) in 1892 that the Germans came to refer to as a Gulaschkanone (Goulash Cannon) because the chimney of the stove resembled ordnance pieces when disassembled and limbered for towing. As technology has advanced, larger trailers have evolved as horses were phased out in favour of motorized vehicles more capable of towing heavier loads. In WWII the mobile canteen was used as a morale booster in the United Kingdom, fitting in with the culture of the tea break and in particular as a result of the successful wartime experiment of the tea lady on productivity and morale.The larger mobile kitchens (now commonly called "flying kitchens" because of the greater speed with which they can be deployed) can service entire battalions of troops. The presented Gulaschkanone is produced by Lineol in 30s. The soldiers are made by Lineol and Elastolin in 30s as well.

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