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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Russian Army at Eastern Front (World War I)

The immediate reason for Russia's involvement in the First World War was a direct result of the decisions made by the statesmen and generals during July 1914. The war in the east began with the Russian invasion of East Prussia on 17 August 1914 and the Austro-Hungarian province of Galicia.The first effort quickly turned to a defeat following the Battle of Tannenberg in August 1914.A second Russian incursion into Galicia was completely successful, with the Russians controlling almost all of that region by the end of 1914, routing four Austrian armies in the process. Under the command of Nikolai Ivanov, Nikolai Ruzsky and Aleksei Brusilov, the Russians won the Battle of Galicia in September and began the Siege of Przemyśl.
Russian WW1 soldiers and cossacks are presented by composite figures from FF Fischer and Elastolin (20s).

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