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Saturday, October 6, 2018

Great toy soldier makers of the past - Nazaire Beeusaert

Nazaire Beeusaert (NB) starts manufacturing cardboard horses in Belgium at 1921. The first horses are produced in the house, which was partly used as a workshop. Nazaire and his wife do all the work themselves, assisted by two local women.  At the outbreak of the Second World War, the production of toy horses has to be stopped by lack of cardboard. Beeusaert is afraid he’ll have to close down his factory, but fortunately he is asked to manufacture toy soldiers instead. This is an excellent solution to his problems. The first soldiers are marked BM, as they are an exclusive product of BON MARCHE. During the war, the range of products is widened with new figurines: Indians, cowboys, Christmas figurines, etc. All figurines were now marked with the letters NB (Nazaire Beeusaert). 

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