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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

German cast-iron Wiking toy ships

Friedrich Karl Peltzer was born on 5th February 1903 in Berlin. As a son of an officer of the German Imperial Navy, he came into contact with seafaring from a very early age.As early as 1930, he has the business idea of casting model ships in moulds. The hobby of Friedrich Karl Peltzer turns into a profession and Wiking-Modellbau starts to produce its first model ships on the self-selected scale of 1:1250 from its first moulds. This set of German toy ships was produced by Wiking in 30s. The set includes  Zerstörers (destroyers), a U-boot, the "Koenigin Luise" (SS Königin Luise) ship and various other small sized ships (Photos from 


  1. A Jewish emigre, called Frederick Winkler, who had worked for Wiking escaped to England before the war set up a company called Treforrest Mouldings to make 1:1250 model warships. he went on to found Malleable Mouldings who made the first plastic toy soldiers in England, using master figures designed by Holger Ericsson.

    1. Thank you Brian. I really didn't know this interesting story about Frederick Winkler.