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Sunday, August 16, 2020

"Belgian" composition Cossacks

In 30s and 40s, Belgium became a production center of composition toy soldiers. Cossacks were one of the most popular topics among Belgian toy soldier makers. This trend might be also explained by a massive influx of Russian emigres into Belgium after the Russian October Revolution in 1917. Some of these emigres worked at Belgian toy factories.
On these photos you can see mainly Cossacks produced by Triumf (Mechelen) in 40s, but there are also two "Soviet" Cossacks with red stars on their caps (papakhas) made by GJ in 1935-40. The mounted Cossack was produced by Neumann (Liege) in 30s. It is a quite rare figurine ! The small (65mm)  Cossack wearing red uniform was presumably made by Durso (Liege) in 30s.


  1. Interesting, we also had these in England made by TAG, I only learned about Triumf recently from Eurofigureines magazine.

    1. Hi Brian, I would love to see the TAG cossacks. Do you have any links ? Thank you. PG

    2. There are some pictures on my blog here:
      If you click on the pictures they will blow up quite large, I'd be interested to know if they are the same as yours or slightly different