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Friday, February 26, 2021

German kampfgruppen

The Kampfgruppe was an ad hoc combined arms formation, usually employing a combination of tanks, infantry, and artillery (including anti-tank) elements, generally organised for a particular task or operation. A Kampfgruppe could range in size from a company to a corps , but the most common was an Abteilung (battalion)-sized formation. Kampfgruppen were generally referred to by either their commanding officer's name or the parent division. Hundreds of German Kampfgruppen are documented to have taken part in operations ranging from a few days to over a year during the war. They left a significant impact in the popular culture and the picture of the Second World War. Famous examples include:Kampfgruppe Peiper, Kampfgruppe Das Reich and Kampfgruppe 1001 Nacht. (Elastolin composition soldiers).

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