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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Tipp & Co. Catalog 1935

Tipp&Co is a German toy company from Nuremberg, also spelled Tippco, founded in 1912. It was acquired by Philip Ullmann in 1919 and was to become famous in the 30s for its high-quality toy cars made of tinplate and identifiable with its trademark TCO. In 1933 Mr. Ullmann, being Jewish, was forced out of Germany with the rise of Nazism. Ullmann fled to England where he founded Mettoy (1933 to 1983), the original manufacturer of Corgi toys. Ullmann returned to Germany to recover his company after the war. 
After the Ullmann's departure,  Tipp&Co continued to produce toys with a transition director, who was employed from the German Government . Tipp&Co produced interesting and complex tinplate toys such as its airplane bombers with working bomb doors. It also produced some of the first battery-operated cars with front headlights. Tippco’s military vehicles are among the finest clockwork tin toys produced in the pre-War era as well as one of the better companies that produced tin windup toys of high quality such as Lineol and Hausser. Some of Tippco’s pieces are particularly well-crafted, such as the Hitler Mercedes car. With the end of the war, Tippco made very detail-oriented tin toys of common civilian aircraft. Tipp&Co. ceased production in 1971.

The full version of the catalog (52 pages) is located here:

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