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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Nazaire Beeusaert composition soldiers

The Belgian toy soldier company Nazaire Beeusaert ("NB") was situated in Deinze, a city located on the Lys River between Ghent and Courtray in the Province of East-Flanders in Belgium. In 1921 a Mr. N. Beeusaert started a factory, producing cardboard toys. Initially NB produced heavy cardboard toy horses, of all sizes, including "rolling" horses and "rocking" horses. As their business grew, Nazaire Beeusaert developed and supplied composition toy soldiers starting from the end of 30s. This production was then embossed with "NB" mark on the base, and consisted of military, civilian and animal figures.The "NB" Company continued production of its composition soldiers until 1959. Some NB Belgian, UK and US soldiers from my army.

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